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The horizontal hydraulic press is a universal machine that has multiple applications related to metalworking. The machine has been designed with bending, flattening, flexion, stamping and straightening operations in mind.

The horizontal UPH28 press is characterized by:

  • rigidity
  • force
  • repeatability
  • intuitive control
  • failure-free operation
  • mobility

The machine has been equipped with intuitive control, making its operation very simple.


The machine has 3 digital displays displaying the position and limits of the piston’s operation:

– display no. 1 displays the initial piston extension limit programmed by the operator.

– display no. 2 displays the piston’s current position.

– display no. 3 displays the final piston extension limit programmed by the operator.

Four buttons, corresponding to separate programs defined by the operator with regard to the piston’s extension and retraction, are found on the control panel.

The standard version of the machine comes with a V-block with different bending groove widths, with dimensions 16, 22, 35, 50. It is also equipped with a wedge-shaped punch used to bend flat bars, rods, wire and sheet. The machines standard instrumentation also includes 2 pins 70mm in diameter serving for straightening of mill products.

  • The machine is driven by a 200bar 4kW pump
  • The max. pressing force of 28T is generated by a hydraulic actuator with a piston diameter of 120mm
  • Control of the hydraulic actuator is possible at every stage of its work
  • Thanks to the application of an Allen Bradley PLC, it is possible to program the desired working range of the piston
  • Actuator control takes place by means of a control panel with display or footpedals included in the machine’s standard equipment
  • Piston extension speed and pressing force are regulated by hydraulic valves available to the machine’s operator
  • Machine operation takes place in automatic or manual mode
  • CE mark: The machine is compliant with the health and safety conditions laid down in the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • The machine has several emergency stop buttons that make it possible to stop the machine’s operation at any time during work. After any emergency button is activated, the piston automatically returns to its zero position
  • A safety key solution has been applied in order to make it impossible for unauthorized persons to start the machine
  • Guards of the actuator and hydraulic pump reduce the risk of incidents posing a threat to the operator’s life or health
Machine Transport
  • The machine has been equipped with forklift pockets for transport
Motor power

4 kW

Motor revolutions

1400 rpm

Pressing force

28000 kg

Piston diameter

120 mm

Overall dimensions
  • length: 1000 mm
  • height: 1100 mm
  • width: 550 mm
Pump power

200 bar


800 kg

Piston stroke

200 mm

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