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WSX60 is a stationary rolling mill for arcs and spirals. The application of modular rollers means that this rolling mill can work with a broad spectrum of rolled piece dimensions. The fact that rollers are made from 40HM steel provides many years of operation unimpeded by abrasion.

The roller reinforcement delivered with the machine ensures maximum rigidity of the top roller during rolling of profiles with large thicknesses.

Transfer of the top roller’s pressing force to the lower part of the machine improved the convenience and ergonomics of the operator’s work.

Thanks to the 3-roller drive, it is possible to roll smaller structural profiles in one pass. The top roller can also be deactivated quickly and easily by means of the side lever.

WSX60 works in the vertical and horizontal position, allowing for more practical use of the machine. A change of position is quick and problem-free thanks to the application of a telescopic actuator.


Channels for roller insertion have been elongated, eliminating the problem of imprecise mounting leading to destruction of the channels locking rollers into place.

  • Operation in two positions: The rolling mill works in vertical and horizontal position. A change of position is lightning-fast thanks to the application of a telescopic actuator.
  • Design: Quench-hardened gears serve as the drive transmission.
  • Quench-hardened drive transmission and load-carrying elements: To achieve reliable machine operation, all parts under duty have been made from heat-treated high-grade materials.
  • Control: An electrical cabinet built into the body on a base from Schneider served for machine control.
  • The motoreducer provides quiet and uniform machine operation.
  • Drive of all rollers: All 3 rollers of the machine are driven with the possibility of disconnecting the top bending roller.
  • Foot control panel: Control of the roller drive takes place via 2 footpedal switches.
Pressing force
  • Regulation of the top roller and profile bending is carried out by turning the wheel or lever situated at the bottom of the machine.
Bending rollers
  • Modular rollers: The machine is equipped with modular, straight bending rollers for rolling of structural profiles and flat bars. One roller set can be adjusted to many dimensions of rolled profiles. Rollers are made from 40HM steel, which eliminated the problem of roller abrasion on the profile. The machine can be equipped with additional rollers for rolling of pipes and rods.
  • CE mark: The machine is compliant with the basic health and safety conditions laid down in the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Safety buttons: ensure emergency stop of the machine at any time.
Machine transport
  • The machine has forklift pockets, enabling problem-free machine transport within the workplace.

290 kg

Rated voltage


Motor revolutions

930 rpm

Bending roller revolutions

13 rpm

Overall dimensions
  • length: 800 mm
  • height: 1300 mm
  • width: 870 mm
Noise level

55 dB

Motor power

1.1 kW

Minimum radius *

250 mm

* – that can be achieved, approximate value due to diversity of materials

Maximum rolling dimension

60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm / Ø60 mm x 3 mm

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